Covid precautions – On location

With lockdown easing in the UK we are returning to work. Our main focus is to keep everyone as safe as possible and we’ll be following the Production Guidance which has been adopted by all the main broadcasters, including Sky, C4, the BBC and ITV. The full guidance can be seen here. The key elements that apply to location filming and our immediate projects are;

  • It is essential that everyone involved with the production applies good practice in terms of social distancing and hand hygiene. Good practice is to: ‘Wash your hands more often for 20 seconds. Use soap and water or a hand sanitiser when you: get home or into work, blow your nose, sneeze or cough, eat or handle food’.
  • Anyone with symptoms, or living with someone who has developed symptoms, must remain at home in accordance with current Government instructions. If someone develops symptoms whilst at work they should go home immediately and inform their line manager. Avoid contact with people who have symptoms. If the person is then tested positive for COVID-19 it is important that those who have been in close contact with them in the workplace are informed in the most appropriate way possible and given appropriate advice (in most cases what to do if they become unwell or develop symptoms). This process must be completed taking due consideration of safeguarding appropriately personal data and information.
  • Everyone’s contact numbers and emergency contact details, either crew or contributors, are up to date and everyone is made fully aware of symptoms and when they should not be at work.
  • Production schedules and plans should take into consideration the extra time required to properly implement the measures required under this guidance.
  • Outdoor filming is preferable (although ideally not in a public space), however if indoors aim for a large open space with good ventilation. Avoid small rooms where possible.
  • Physically maintaining 2m separation between individuals implies 4m² per person in a clear space or 6m² in a space with furniture or equipment.
  • If households are being used as filming locations then all details of the shoot must be considered and planned with the householder in advance. Consideration must be given to the risks being introduced to these environments, through the introduction of any equipment or additional people.
  • Frequently clean and disinfect objects and surfaces that are touched regularly, using your standard cleaning products.
  • Ensure that sanitiser gel is available for use and is effective (60% alcohol gel).
  • Camera crew to wear non-surgical face masks/coverings and gloves.
  • Use boom or fixed microphones to avoid contact and maintain 2m distance.  Where radio mics are required establish a protocol for cleaning prior to issue and on return along with instructions on how the presenter/contributor can fit the mic themselves.
  • Personal equipment (headsets, mics, radios etc.) should be cleaned and disinfected before issue and then each day.
Video production in Kuwait

Filming in Kuwait

We’re just back from 3 weeks of location filming in Kuwait, really getting to know the country filming in pretty much every corner of the country……

Shooting medium format in Ireland

Very excited to be shooting film for the first time in a decade, and on a spectacularly beautiful day in South West Ireland. We’re shooting stills and re-enactment scenes for a film about the Blasket Islands for Ireland’s Office of Public Works. In order to produce images that have a strong period feel we’re using 6 x 6 medium format film and a vintage Rolleiflex camera. You can see the results here.

Two planes heading West, which is the direction chosen by the inhabitants when they abandoned the islands in 1953.

Masters of Vertigo: 360 degree video on the Severn Bridge

A new film for Scruffs Workwear, produced in partnership with Lobster Pictures and Halo. Great to spend a couple of days on the spectacular Severn Bridge with the fantastic team that work so hard maintain the structure.

Maintenance workers climbing the Severn Bridge
Filming maintenance workers climbing the Severn Bridge
Severn Bridge
Severn Bridge