Location filming in Saudi Arabia


We are a media production company specialising in museums, exhibitions and cultural heritage. Our work celebrates and explores the value of cultural diversity around the world.

We work across all digital formats; from cinematic films to on-line video, from soundscapes to interactive installations. Our clients include museums, cultural institutions, charities & broadcasters; from Al Jazeera to the BBC, UNESCO to the V&A. We have worked on over 100 projects and in more than 40 countries.

We are driven by creativity and curiosity; we understand the power of visual storytelling and work with our clients to deliver world-class creative and technical solutions. Our Bristol studio is the hub of a global network; we collaborate and co-operate with international teams and have the capacity to create and deliver anywhere on the planet.  



We like to get involved in projects as early as possible, working with the client team to develop a comprehensive media strategy extending from exhibition content to online and social media, marketing and promotion. We spend a lot of time on development; opening up the creative and technical possibilities to ensure we find the best way of exploring a subject and engaging an audience. Throughout the development process we work with a network of technical specialist, including writers, researchers, storyboard artists, digital creatives and designers. All our projects are meticulously researched, mapped out and planned, to ensure that they are delivered to world-class standards, on time and on budget.



Photography is a critical part of all our work. High-quality stills enable our clients to expand the reach of their projects; connecting their video or interactive content with other parts of their media output, whether it’s their annual report, exhibition graphics, social media channels, brochures, poster campaigns, advertising or website.

Our 8K Red video cameras produce a stream of superb quality (35.4 megapixel) images. We also work with all sorts of photographic devices, old and new, including multi-camera rigs, 360 panoramas, vintage and medium format film cameras, and Canon’s latest Mirrorless R and 5DS camera systems which use revolutionary 50.6 megapixel CMOS sensors to deliver imagery that retains its quality across any application, from online sharing to billboard sized prints.
Using a 1950s Rolleiflex T medium format camera to shoot stills for a film about the Blasket Islands in South West Ireland.
Yoho Media production services

Video Production

Video production is the heart of our business; we make videos in all shapes and sizes, all crafted to capture the imagination and engage the intellect. Our video output ranges from short form content, for online distribution, to large-scale, multi-screen, immersive installations. We work with all sorts of cameras and formats, from simple, linear, single-screen programmes to large panoramas and immersive VR experiences. With more than 20 years experience we’ve developed a tried and tested approach to production; but we’re also constantly adapting to make the most of exciting changes in the way that video is produced, distributed and consumed.

Interactive Media

We produce interactive media for touch-screens, interactive games and large-scale interactive experiences, either for installation in galleries or as online applications. Working with a network of highly skilled designers and programmers we create beautifully crafted interactive programmes that are engaging and entertaining, enabling audiences to explore, play and learn.

Our team offers a complete service, taking projects through from initial concept development to script writing, research, production, installation and ongoing support and maintenance.
The Kingdom Tower in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Stock Footage

Our crews are out all the time; in Europe, Asia, South America and the Middle East. We’ve built up a huge archive of top-quality 4, 5 and 8K footage, and we’re constantly adding to it. Our library is managed by Nimia, with content also distributed through Getty Images. You can browse our collections at Nimia’s site on the link below. If you’re looking for something specific then do get in touch; if we don’t have it ourselves we know who does, or can have material specially shot anywhere in the world.


Audio production and sound design are a critical part of our workflow. All our films have carefully crafted soundtracks and we also create atmospheric audio installations for gallery and exhibition spaces. This includes large-scale installations, such as Scotland’s National Museum of Flight, where we developed a soundscape that brought aircraft sweeping through the massive hangar spaces, or Clearwell Caves in Gloucestershire, where a subtle, carefully designed installation brings the sound of mine workers back into the caves and is so convincing that visitors call out to them.


With more than 20 years experience on over 100 projects we’ve acquired a real understanding of how best to approach the use of media in museums and exhibitions. We like to get involved as early as possible, sometimes before even the architects and builders, helping clients to define their approach and develop a comprehensive media strategy.

As consultants we often work with other media companies, collaborating to deliver complex, multi-faceted media packages that are beyond the capacity of any one company. In 2018 we were one of 7 media companies working on the SAAC Cultural Centre in Kuwait, the world’s largest museum project.

Taking a break, Saudi style, at the end of a busy in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.


We create animation in all shapes and styles; from surreal, hand-drawn history, to photo-realistic 3D creatures and environments. The medium offers incredible creative and imaginative possibilities and we make the most of this to tell stories exploring everything from oil exploration to pre-historic monsters.

Bristol is the heart of the UK’s animation industry; home to both Aardman and the BBC Natural History Unit, it supports a fantastically diverse and talented animation community, presenting us with the opportunity to work with some of the best.


We have worked on more than 100 museum projects around the world, in the UK, Europe, USA and the Middle East, ranging from a one-room exhibitions in the highlands of Ethiopia to some of the most established and sophisticated museums on the planet, including London’s V&A, Science and Natural History Museums. This experience gives us a deep understanding of the way in which media works within exhibitions, adding real value to the experience of visitors. We work with curators, designers, set builders and hardware specialists to help create award-winning exhibitions that offer a rich and multi-faceted experience.


We create bespoke media for installation in a huge range of locations; from underground caverns to aircraft hangars and greenhouses, as well  more conventional museums and galleries. We work with highly experienced AV hardware specialists to design media installations that are crafted to fit into specific spaces, working with the existing acoustics and architecture to create media experiences that inhabit and enhance the spaces they are made for.

Sudan touchscreen