Western Sudan Community Museums

Video Gallery

How to Make a Museum; a short film exploring the values and ideas which underpin Sudan’s Community Museums. Members of the team, including writers, designers, filmmakers and curators, discuss the project and what it means to them. An Arabic version is available here.

Life on the Move. Darfur’s Rezeigat nomads are born to travel. They spend their lives moving through the heartland of the Sahel, following subtle changes in the climate as they seek out fresh pasture for their camel herds. They may not have heard of ‘climate change’ but they live it every day. In this films, the Rezeigat Mayor and community leader, Omda Abakkar Kharif Mattar, explains life among the Rezeigat.

Darfur Heroes; a profile of the amazing Fatima Mohamed Al Hazar, a tireless champion of Darfur’s culture and heritage. Fatima founded the Darfur Women’s Museum in her home in Nyala, the capital of Sudan’s South Darfur state, in 1985. She has devoted her life to protecting, studying and celebrating the region’s rich cultural heritage, with a particular focus on the role of women and the importance of engaging young people with their heritage, history and culture. Despite decades of conflict and marginalisation, Darfur is bursting with vitality; it is home to more than 100 distinct tribes, each with their own art, customs and traditions.

Camel Culture; Mohammed Hussein Daw-Alnoor, a camel breeder from Nyala in Sudan’s South Darfur, explains the importance of camels in the culture of Darfur’s Rezeigat nomads.

Whirling Worship; Friday afternoon Sufi worship at the tomb of Hamed Al-Nile in Omdurman, Sudan.