A Guide to Commissioning and Making Video for Museums and Exhibitions

Context is Everything

Duration: How Long is Too Long?


The Production Process

The actual video production process is pretty much the same for a museum video as it for any video (our standard production process is explained here), although there often a greater need for consultation with a wide range of stakeholders and for testing, in terms of both audience response and the specifics of the play-out environment. Often gallery spaces can be busy and noisy, so it’s important to test the installation on site towards the end of the production process so that the picture and sound quality can be adjusted to optimise the video for the space. If there are a number of videos playing out in the same space then their sound levels will need to be balanced and for complex installations we employ a specialist to mix the audio on site.

Playback Hardware

Online and Outreach: Youtube and Social Media Channels

What is the aim of the video? To inform, motivate, educate?

Who is your target audience?

What is the message you want to convey? What you want to say and to whom, will form the basis of your script.

Where will the film be shown? Website, presentations or giveaway DVD?

What is your timescale? When will the film need to be delivered by?

Do you have any specific requirements? Motion graphics, special effects or animation?

Budget? It’s good to have an idea of what you want to spend.

How do you want the video to look? This is called the “treatment”. Have you seen something that you like? Think about a Voiceover’s and Music.

Filming logistics? Availability of staff, locations and resources