Lion Ark

Lion Ark is an award-winning feature-length documentary that follows the work of ‘Animal Defenders International‘ as they battle against the abuse of animals in South America’s circuses. The film follows a long, hard campaign in Bolivia, where Animal Defenders International worked with the government to bring about a change in the law to ban the use of wild animals in circuses. The process started with undercover teams working in the circuses to reveal the extent of the abuse, using hidden cameras to gather evidence. The shocking video footage, showing animals being beaten and abused, was then used to drive a campaign for a change in the law. Once the law was passed, ADI’s team set about saving the animals. Twenty seven lions, along with monkeys and a range of other wildlife, were rescued from circuses all across the country, in some remote and dangerous regions, often with the support of police teams. Finally the lions were taken to a new life at a sanctuary in Denver, USA. The films has won 11 awards at international film festivals and is being distributed for television by ITV Global. Since ‘Lion Ark’ we have been working with ADI on their latest campaign, ‘Operation Spirit of Freedom’, which has involved the rescue of lions, tigers, bears and monkeys from circuses in Peru. We’ve produced a steady steam of still images and videos documenting the events, with individual videos reaching over 10 millions views on Youtube.