On-line Video Content

Video has become the voice of the internet; a crucial part of the way in which people search for information, explore ideas, and asses organisations and individuals. We work with our clients to create original video content that ensures their voice is heard on-line, and have delivered more than 9 million views on a single video.

By creating high quality, engaging videos we enable our clients to build their audience and expand their on-line networks. Our videos promote on-line engagement and increase website traffic, ensuring a real and quantifiable return on investment.

Education: The University of Bristol.

Science has given us everything from the Atom Bomb to antibiotics, from aerosol to the Internet, creating knowledge and tools that have hampered progress as much as they have facilitated it. This video explores what it means to be a scientist in the 21st century, based on a series of interviews with researchers who are working on some of the fundamental, complex issues in science – from theoretical chemistry to geology, from psychology to planetary formation.

The video is part of a series of films made for Faculty of Science, designed to inspire prospective students by showing that the University of Bristol is a place of challenging, broad and provocative thinking.

Fundraising: The Royal College of Surgeons.

This short fundraising film was produced for the Royal College of Surgeons, highlighting the pioneering work of Dr. Richard Shaw, a head and neck surgeon based at Aintree Hospital near Liverpool. The video shows Dr. Shaw at work in Liverpool, on hospital wards, conducting surgery, consulting with patients and directing ground-breaking research. It also included interviews with some of the patients, whose lives have been saved.

Charity: Mindshots.

Mindshots is an educational organisation producing videos to inspire young people through the words and actions of appropriate role models. We started working with Mindshots in 2013. This is one of four videos that we’ve made for them, featuring the amazing Dan Eley, who suffered a broken back diving into a river in Colombia; an accident so devastating that it made him wonder if he wanted to survive.

Charity: The Severn Project.

The Severn project produces high quality salad leaves and herbs at their urban farms in Bristol. But thy do more than just grow food; they grow dignity, self-respect and community. They strongly believe that all business should have a positive social impact and they work hard to support people who face significant barriers to the workplace to help run the project.

Sport: In the cage with Mario Saeed.

A profile of Cagefighter and driving instructor Mario Saeed. In takes dedication, determination and patience to teach someone to drive, and something similar to step into the cage. Mario explains what motivates him and why he loves the much miss-understood sport of Cagefighting.