We make award-winning documentaries for a wide-range of international clients, including universities, charities and broadcasters, such Al Jazeera and the BBC, as well as online publishers such as The Guardian and The Telegraph. We enjoy documenting strong stories about people and the things that drive them.  We are currently working on two new films; ‘Insect Eaters – The Future of Food’,  and a series for Arabic Television about Islam and Sport in the UK.

Notes on Ice

Notes on Ice’ is a documentary about the world’s only Ice Music Festival, held in Geilo, Norway. Every year a group of eccentric musicians and ice carvers gather in the Norwegian mountains to create this truly unique event. All the instruments are created from wild ice, cut from frozen lakes. The stage and auditorium are sculpted from ice and snow. Amidst the great mass of globalised digital reproduction, this is music that is created in the moment; a blend of sound and place, man and nature. The sound hangs briefly in the cold night air before melting away into the darkness. The film was shot and mastered in 4k and was an official Finalist in the Banff Mountain Film Festival 2013. International distribution is being handled by Arganon International and the programme has sold been sold to broadcasters in the US, UK, Russia and Scandinavia.

Lion Ark

Lion Ark tells the story of an audacious and ambitious animal rescue. It opens in the midst of a campaign to persuade the Bolivian government to outlaw the use of wild animals in circuses; once the law is passed the campaigners have to do battle with the circuses to force them to give up the animals, a total of 24 lions. They then gather the lions from remote Bolivian villages and fly them to sanctuary in the US. The films has been shown at the Raindance, Mill Valley, Hawaii, Denver, San Diego, Virginia, Fort Lauderdale and Mississippi Film Festivals. It won the audience award for ‘Best Documentary’ at the San Diego festival and has been described by critics as “the feel-good movie of the year,” and “a target for this year’s Oscars.”

Quantum Collision: Science & Art Collide

Danceroom Spectroscopy (dS) is part video game, part science visualization, part art installation, and part social experiment. Fusing 3d imaging and rigorous quantum mechanics, dS transforms people into energy fields and lets them wander through the nano-quantum world, where they trigger sounds and images. There’s no limit on the number of “players”, and the more they cooperate, the more engrossing it becomes. Learn more about the science of dS here

Step Forward: A story of loss and faith.

A documentary about Tariq Jahan, whose son Haroon was killed in the 2011 Birmingham riots. Hours after his son’s death Tariq pleaded with angry crowds; “I’ve lost my son” he said “step forward if you want to loose yours. Otherwise, go home.”  The mood was transformed, the crowds dispersed and Tariq became a national hero. The films explores the way in which his faith and family enabled him come to terms with his son’s death and inspired him to help bridge the gaps between Birmingham’s ethnic and religious communities.