Cinemas for Sudan

Sudan touchscreen

In the last couple of weeks we’ve travelled across Western Sudan to instal three new projection systems in the community museums in Omdurman, El Obeid and Nyala. Each system is driven by a touchscreen which enables visitors to choose one of 52 short films, which are then projected in small, bespoke cinemas. We’ve been making the films over the past couple of years, working with a team of Sudanese filmmakers. The films explore Sudanese culture and history and include some amazing colonial archive, which is returning to Sudan for the first time in more than 75 years, having been housed at the Durham University Archive. The project is funded by the British Council’s Cultural Projection Fund. Many thanks to Darren Perry for the Unity design and programming, and to the entire team in Sudan who have worked tirelessly (through power cuts, revolution and pandemic) to make it all possible. More images from the project can be seen here.