We create animation in all shapes and styles; from surreal, hand-drawn history, to photo-realistic 3D creatures and environments. The medium offers incredible creative and imaginative possibilities and we make the most of this to tell stories exploring everything from oil exploration to pre-historic monsters.

Bristol is the heart of the UK’s animation industry; home to both Aardman and the BBC Natural History Unit, it supports a fantastically diverse and talented animation community, presenting us with the opportunity to work with some of the best. Two recent projects can be seen below.

Clearwell Caves: Ancient Seas

Animator David Klein breathed life into ancient monsters, bringing severn species of ancient fish back to life after 350 million years. These animations are projected onto the walls of Clearwell Caves in Gloucestershire, as part of an immersive installation which celebrates the life and ancient history of this unique, underground world.

Framlingham Castle

This surreal animation was created by the very talented Belle Mellor as part of the project for English Heritage, re-telling the story of the castle in an entertaining way to engage a wider range of visitors.