Monsters of the Deep

Our latest installation brings the monsters of the ancient seas back to life with projection mapping at Clearwell Caves in the Forest of Dean. Animated prehistoric sharks and fish are projected into a pool of water and onto the cave walls, producing a ghostly presence that reminds visitors of the life that existed here some 200 million years ago. The installation shows fish such as the Janassa, which was like a modern Skate, and the huge Psammodus, an early shark which crushed it’s prey in its powerful jaws, the fossilised remains of which are found in the limestone of the cave walls. The dark environment of the caves is perfectly suited to projection, enabling us to use controlled lighting to create a strong atmosphere that fills the cavern and inspires the imagination.

Clearwell Caves
An underground pool is an ideal environment for a video installation at Clearwell Caves.

Clearwell’s natural pools and open, underground spaces, provide an ideal space for video projection.

Video installation at Clearwell Caves.

Scott Morris programming a pair of Brightsign media players for ‘Ancient Seas’ projection.

A prehistoric shark

An ancient Shark looms out of the darkness.

Up High on the Severn Crossing

Out location scouting on the beautiful Severn Crossing, preparing for a forthcoming shoot, enjoying spectacular views of the bridge, the River Severn and both England and Wales.

Severn Bridge
Severn Bridge
Severn Bridge
Severn Bridge

National Museum of Scotland opens 10 new galleries

The National Museum of Scotland opened 10 beautiful new galleries this week, exploring the worlds of art and science. The galleries look fantastic, a real visual feast that is adventurous, entertaining and amazing.  The museum has a fantastic energy to it, described as a ‘Temple of the curious’,  The  Times said  “it seems all of human achievement is laid out for the curious visitor”. We are proud to be part of this, having made 17 short documentaries for the galleries, covering everything from Particle Physics to Body Image.

Yoho Media delivers 17 films for the National Museum of Scotland
Dolly the Sheep, National Museum of Scotland
Yoho Media delivers 17 films for the National Museum of Scotland
The National Museum of Scotland Fashion Gallery.