Inspiration and Information; Where to Read, Watch, Listen and Learn about Filmmaking

There’s so much great information and inspiration available for filmmakers online. Here’s a selection of our favourites, which we’ll be building on over the coming months – no doubt there are also loads we’re missing, so we’d love to hear from anyone with suggestions.

Blogs, Social Media and Video Channels

Ted Talks

These Thirteen Inspiring Ted Talks about Filmmaking are a great source of vision and inspiration, with some fantastic speakers who cover everything from Avatar to Nigeria’s Nollywood film industry. If that’s not quite enough for you then check out these six talks about storytellingKaren Bass on shooting for the BBC and National Geographic and The World’s Most Boring Television.

Video Picks, Photojournalism and Online Magazines

Vimeo Staff Picks is so often a great place to while away 10 minutes, where you’ll almost certainly end up and watching something amazing and surprising. Other good places to watch interesting, contemporary short-form content are the super cool, fashion conscious Nowness and Hunger, or for strong journalism and documentary Media Storm and  New York Times Video.



The talented and tireless cameraman, director and educator Phillip Bloom offers a fantastic stream of information and inspiration, very often focused on DSLR gear, but by no means exclusively, and always packed with great tips, energy and ideas. Follow him on Facebook, Instagram or via his Blog and you’re sure to learn a thing or two. Other good expert blogs are hosted by ProVideo Coalition, which has section on production and post production and The Beat.


No Film School

No Film School – is a fantastic resource, providing another stream of wide-ranging ideas, links, articles and inspiration for filmmakers. They post a few times a day on Facebook and also over a handy weekly digest.



Instagram is a great place to see the work of some of the world’s best cinematographers;  Phedon Papamichael @papa2 shot the beautiful black-and-white Nebraska, Emmanuel Lubezki @chivexp was the director of photography on The Tree of Life and Children, Reed Morano @reedmorano shots Frozen River and Kill Your Darlings, Mexican cinematographer Rodrigo Prieto @rpstam shot some The Wolf of Wall Street, Argo and Babel, Brokeback Mountain, and Ben Richardson @benrichardson was director of photography for the brilliant Beasts of the Southern Wild.


Camera Forums

As big fans of the Red camera system we’re keen on the Reduser forum, which is obviously focused on the sharing information about using the Red but is also a pretty lively filmmaking forum. Other camera systems have pretty active forums, there the Arri forum and the Canon forum, although both of those are quite corporate.

Yoho Media film school in Aksum, Ethiopia


Great places to learn about cinematography include The American Society of Cinematography and there are several great DOPs whose sites are really informative; Shane Hurlbut who a great site,  as does Bon DOP Roger Deakins and the talented Vincent LA Floret.



Films Sound

Film Sound is another fantastic industry resource. Have a a wander through their articles and videos and cinema will never sound the same again. The Sound Works Collection on Vimeo is an interesting collection of videos that take you through the sound design of some big Hollywood films.


Natural History Sound

When it comes to Natural History sound Chris Watson is one of the greats; from his dawn chorus walk to his sound of tiny insects calling out for a mate, all recorded in immersive surround sound. You can sign up for his newsletter on his site to hear more amazing sounds or buy his recordings on Bandcamp – everything from from the purr of a leopard to roar of English weather.



Video Editing

The Art of the Guillotine is a fantastic post-production information resource. They offer a great daily digest of the latest post-production news or you can explore their site and browse a huge collection of material covering all aspects of post-production.

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