Wadi Hanifa, Saudi Arabia.

A documentary film for the Riyadh Development Authority

Wadi Hanifa is Saudi Arabia’s biggest and most ambitious conservation project. The Wadi, which is a place of deep historic and cultural significance, is a long river valley that snakes through the city of Riyadh. As the city grew around it, in the boom years of the late 20th century, the Wadi suffered decades of neglect, causing widespread pollution and environmental degradation. The Riyadh Development Authority spent more than a decade restoring the Wadi, in recognition of its historical, environmental and cultural importance. The project won the Aga Khan Award for Architecture, and continues to push scientific and social boundaries. Today Wadi Hanifa is a ribbon of greenery that runs through the city; one of the longest urban parks in the world.

We were commissioned by the Riyadh Development Authority to create a film to document and celebrate this transformation. Shot and edited on location in Saudi Arabia the film (which is also available in Arabic) uses a mixture of archive film and original material to tell the story of the project.

Filming in Saudi Arabia. Shooting an interview in Riyadh for a documentary about conservation.

A team from Yoho Media preparing to film aerials over Riyadh in Saudi Arabia.
Video production in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Photo credit: Yoho Media.
Video production in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Photo credit: Yoho Media.
A team from Yoho Media preparing a crane shot near Riyadh in Saudi Arabia.