The Ethiopian Cultural Heritage Project

A UNESCO and World Bank Initiative,

to develop & conserve Ethiopia’s cultural heritage.

Focused on the northern towns of Aksum and Gondar.

Ethiopia is a country of incredible cultural diversity, with more than 80 different ethnic groups each with its own language, culture, customs and traditions.

The ‘Ethiopian Cultural Heritage Project’ is a UNESCO and World Bank initiative designed to protect this unique heritage by developing the skills and capacity of the country’s cultural institutions. We were part of an international team, which included architects, designers, archaeologists, writers and researchers, all working alongside local professionals to develop their skills. We ran workshops on filmmaking, script writing, editing and sound recording.

The project also included the production of two documentary films exploring the historical and cultural heritage of Aksum and Gondar, two ancient towns in the Northern highlands. The film about Aksum can be seen below. Aksum is the heart and soul of Ethiopia’s Christian Church and is the scene of a huge annual pilgrimage.

Dawn light touching an Aksumite stelae, Northern Ethiopia.
Yoho Film school, Ethiopia. Filming a documentary in Aksum, Ethiopia. Photo credit: Yoho Media.
Sound school
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